Fact or fiction? Of dead heroes and villains..

February 20, 2007 at 9:25 am Leave a comment

This has been a strange week for our little city. We now are in the proud possession of a monument to forgotten heroes. Men and women who fought for the freedoms of this country. Whether or not they succeeded is a topic for another post. Why only Dedan Kimathi, I dont know; maybe there were budgetary constraints. So, as a result,  he was chosen to represent the many.

DedanHopefully,  politicians who commissioned this work did it out of the justified indignation that the Mau Mau have never gotten any recognition for their part in our murky history.

But perhaps a better monument would have been to fix the lies in the textbooks and syllabi that tells an incomplete and misleading story. To add in a little section about what happened to these heroes of the revolution after they won ( and lost) a war they gave their lives and futures and reputations (Dedan Kimathi was branded a terrorist by many and still is by some) for. As to why the men who betrayed their people to the mkoloni became the greatest beneficiaries of the so called independence….

Strange, strange

Early this morning the police shot a man who they say has been terrorising us all and shooting people left, right and centre. We do not have any clear evidence why they are so sure that he is the culprit, and if they are, why they did not arrest him so that he can face justice and the many wives, husbands, children and parents whose families’ he destroyed.

If the reports are true, he did surrender peacefully. Who are the terrorists here?

You see, it is difficult to form an opinion if you are not sure if all you are being fed is a bucket of hogwash: who is lying and who is telling the truth? The Police? The Media?

In the meantime, i will rush home before dark, buy yet another giant padlock and hope that Matheri does not rise from the dead.

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